The Turkish-islamic Union That Will Bring Peace To The Muslim World

The 4 October, 2009, issue of Oman Daily, an Arab-language newspaper published in Oman, carried a report titled “The Atlas Aims to Demolish Darwin’s Theory,” which discussed Harun Yahya"s activities across the world. As well as such works refuting Darwinism as the Atlas of Creation, the report also mentioned the author’s ideal of the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Harun Yahya is the founder (Honorary President) of the Science Research Foundation, a publishing empire that markets more than 60 web sites dedicated to the writings of the author. It also produces documentary films and audio tapes in 15 languages, including Turkish, English, Russian, Ethiopian and Arabic... This includes the 850-page Atlas of Creation. With its carefully amassed details, large numbers of photographs, diagrams and statistics, and scattered quotations from the Qur’an, the Atlas suggests that Darwin was totally mistaken, that all plants and animals were flawlessly created, and that no change by way of natural selection ever took place... (Adnan Oktar) has recently been speaking of a “Turkish-Islamic Union” that will bring peace to the Muslim world under Turkish leadership.

2009-12-07 02:48:21

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