Harun Yahya: "the Turkish Nation Never Really Taken Darwinism Seriously"

Hurriyet Daily News which is published in Turkey in English Language put out an article on February 28, 2009 that emphasized Turkey’s being “the center of Creationism”. In the article some quotations from an interview with Mr Adnan Oktar and the world-wide anti-Darwinist activites of Science Research Foundation were included:

... But today there is a growing worldwide movement to oppose Darwin’s theory and it is centered in Turkey. Adnan Oktar, also known by his pen name Harun Yahya, … though based in Turkey, he has been working for more than a decade to spread his message around the globe. He presides over dozens of Web sites where his books and pamphlets on the "fallacy of evolution," the virtues of Islam and Jesus’s return can be read or downloaded in 43 languages. Science Research and Foundation’s full-page ads condemning the theory of evolution appear regularly not only in Turkish newspapers, but also in prestigious international magazines such as Time.... He has two foundations, both aiming to discredit the theory of evolution around the world. Milli Değerleri Koruma Vakfı (Foundation of the Preservation of National Values)  works domestically on a variety of moral issues while the creationism – foucused Science Research Foundation also has operations throughout the world and has organized more than 3,000 anti-evolution conferences, from the University of Oxford, in Cambridge, to Tokyo to Tel Aviv.

The reason the crusade against evolution is centered in Turkey is the "virtue of the Turkish nation," Mr. Oktar said. "The Turkish nation is devoted to national and spiritual values. It has never really taken Darwinism seriously."

"Evolution has come to an end in Turkey over the last 30 years," he added. "Of course, the instruments in this, by Allah’s leave, have been the ... books I have written, the more than 2,000 conferences ... in many [Turkish] towns and provinces, scientific exhibitions and other meetings. The public has seen that Darwinism is the worst fraud in the history of science."
2009-12-31 02:59:36

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