"those Who Are On The Side Of Allah Will Never Get Defeated"

International weekly newspaper AzerNews of Azerbaijan that is being published in English language, put out an interview carried out with Mr Adnan Oktar on 12 November 2008.  (Click here to watch the complete interview.) The newspaper is being published in English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages. Herewith some highlights from the interview that covers the topic of "International Scholar discusses Islam and Jeopolitics”
" What kind of theory is that? Darwinism is a total nonsense with zero evidence. On the contrary there are 100 millions evidences regarding creation."

"All those who perpetrated the September 11 attacks were people who had received a materialist and atheist education.  Their identity papers may decribe them as Muslims but that is irrelevant. Materialist is a materialist. We can not put this down to Islam."

" Those who are on the side of Allah will never get defeated. But those who are the followers of satan will always be doomed to become miserable. People do not notice this."

“Anybody who fears of Allah and believes sincerely in Allah, he/she will never lose."

"These are the kind of things that arise in official politics, materialist politics. There are no such problems in politics in which religious faith and love prevail."

"Turkey will be the leader of the Turkish – Islamic Union. The whole world will see this in 10-20 years.  This is the destiny of humanity.”

Mr. Oktar became an “international hero” in communicating the fallacy of the theory of evolution and the fact of creationism.
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