The Collapse Of Evolutionary Theory On Russian Agenda, the Russian news portal, which is prepared in Ukraine by a group of senior journalists, carried an article titled “The Collapse of Evolutionary Theory on Russian Agenda”, which was also published in the Russian newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda.The article emphasized that scientists are aware of evidences of God and are of opinion that the Earth did not come to being as a matter of course, but rather it was specially created by a supreme Creator. It was also noted that the effect of Adnan Oktar’s work was the reason for this increase in faith in God. In addition, the works of the writer were mentioned as:

After the title “Was Darwin not telling the truth?”, it was reported as:

Some blog sites in Russia were recently discussing a fascinating work published on the web called “The Collapse of Evolutionary Theory”. The writer is the President of Science Research Foundation in Turkey, Adnan Oktar. This book was published a few years ago; translated into 13 languages and distributed in 54 countries. The subject and purpose of the book is to reveal the deceits of Darwinism...

If Darwin’s theory is wrong, then as I’m convinced with Oktar’s book, the Creator of and the Almighty intelligence in the universe can only be God...

Doctor Oktar writes: “In Darwin’s time living things were examined with primitive microscopes and the theory was mostly based on Darwin’s imagination. Those days humanity had no knowledge of the DNA and genetic information.” Today scientists find the influence of a Creator instead of accidental processes.

2010-02-07 17:10:28

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