Posters introducing Lausanne Conference Of Harun Yahya And Striking Out The Theory Of Evolution

24 Heures, one of the most well-known daily newspapers of Switzerland, introduces Harun Yahya as “the leader of the most influential campaign against evolution in the Muslim world” in the article about the conferences that will be organized in Switzerland.

In article published by the newspaper having 245.000 readers, the conference series in Switzerland were introduced in these words:


The posters introducing the Harun Yahya conference in Lausanne, began to appear in the streets and train stations in French-talking regions of Switzerland and other major cities of Switzerland.


Hard to miss these posters. In recent days, posters striking out Darwin’s theory of evolution flood the streets and train stations in French-talking regions of Switzerland and other major cities of Switzerland. An impressive announcement campaign is being held to announce the arrival of a famous Muslim Creationist in the Beaulieu Palace in Lausanne. On May 25, Harun Yahya whose real name is Adnan Oktar plans to unveil his vision of the world.

Harun Yahya was very much talked about with his Atlas of Creation being distributed in schools in Geneva, Belgium and France in 2007. In this luxurious 770-page book, he presents his Creationist ideas. Harun Yahya is the leader of the most effective anti-evolutionist campaign in the Muslim world. For him, the deception of Darwinism has caused violent ideologies such as “racism, fascism and communism” and other barbaric world views." On one of his many websites, the destruction of the towers of the World Trade Center is attributed to Darwinists, as the source of terrorist activities…


The author, born in 1956 in Ankara, launched his creationist movement in 1998. This former student of Fine Arts is now known as an internationally renowned science writer… 


Harun Yahya certainly knows the meaning of communication very well. With over 200 websites, 200 movies and 300 books translated into 60 languages, Harun Yahya aims to attract young and faithful people. It seems that he has achieved this goal in Turkey, where 75% of high school students no longer believe in the theory of evolution.

2010-05-29 17:17:48

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