With The Qur’an Against Darwin

20 Minuten, daily newspaper read by the German-talking zone of Switzerland, devoted a place to an article titled “With the Qur’an against Darwin.” In the article that took part in the newspaper with approximately 800 thousand readers, the conferences that will be held by the representatives of Harun Yahya in Switzerland was noted.

Scientific Conference: Campaign against the theory of evolution

In the website of the newspaper, the Atlas of Creation and Miracles of the Qur’an books by Harun Yahya, the German version of the website Evolution Deceit and the interview of the author by Der Spiegel magazine were given links to.

According to the result of the survey conducted on the website of the 20 Minutes newspaper in Switzerland, 67% of the public opinion believes that life is created only by Allah.

Adnan Oktar: “All living things are created only by Allah.”

In the article the following lines about Adnan Oktar’s works against evolution are as such:

The author Adnan Oktar, who performs under the pen-name Harun Yahya, fights a crusade against Darwinism. At the end of May, he will present the deception of evolution in the city of Zurich... The Christian evolution critics have now received reinforcement from one side... The Turkish author Adnan Oktar, who performs under the pen-name Harun Yahya, fights in an uncompromising crusade against the theory of evolution from a Muslim perspective – so to speak...


The author, who interprets Darwinism as the biggest fraud in the history of science, believes that it is responsible for the two world wars as well as fascism, communism, and also for terrorism. Looking at the present look: "All terrorists -even those who present themselves as Muslims- are in fact Darwinists and atheists” he says… To him the remedy for these is Islam…He uses the statement based on the Qur’anic verses: "We have seen that disciplines of modern science such as paleontology, biochemistry and anatomy have revealed a very clear fact. All living things are created by Allah."


For Christian creationists, the help coming from the Muslim shooter is apparently not an unwelcome help:


"Wherever the criticism against Darwinism comes from, it is useful" says Daniel Suter, President of the Zurich canton from the EDU party…


Yahya came to the fore three years ago, when his powerful 768-page "Atlas of Creation" were sent to teachers and journalists in French and German-speaking countries. [In the book] glossy pictures of fossils and current living animals are presented to show that Allah created all species instantly in their final forms…

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