Posters Call Out That Evolution is A Lie

Neue Zurcher Zeitung, one of the most rooted dailies of Switzerland published in German, published a news item dated May 19, 2010 about the Collapse of Darwinism conference, which will be given in Zürich. The news item of the daily with a circulation of 160 thousand was titled “The Muslim Creationist Continues His Crusade against Darwin.”

Some quotes from the item are as follows:

Muslim Creationist wants to hold a scientific conference at the Zürich Congress Hall about the theory of evolution. He crusades against the teachings of Darwin in the name of Allah... It is impossible not to see the posters [announcing the conference]. Colored and outsized, they are in stations, on the walls of houses, on billboards in Zürich and its surroundings for day. They shout "Evolution Deceit"... They invite those who are interested to the conference named "The Origin of Life" in the Congress Hall on May 28...

2010-06-03 14:59:13

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