The Leader Of The Most Effective Anti-evolutionist Movement In The Muslim World

Muslim Creationist aims Darwin and the theory of evolution
which he sees as the root of all evil.

Tribune de Genève, one of the French newspapers published in Geneva Canton of Switzerland, devoted a place to an item titled “Why did Geneva give a Muslim Turkish Creationist a Hearing?” on its edition dated May 26th, 2010. The newspaper with 175.000 readers mentioned the author as “The Leader of the Most Effective Anti-Evolutionist Movement in the Muslim World” and followed:

The Muslim creationist mainly aims Darwin who is the source of all evil and the theory of evolution. According to him, peace and harmony can only come with crowds converting to Islam. In order to accomplish this, Harun Yahya organized a publicity tour that passed through Geneva (Geneva International Conference Center) in Switzerland this evening.

         The statements made by the Chairman of the Geneva Communist Party that he is concerned about the effects of Harun Yahya’s ideas, were noted under the heading “The left in a sweat,” in the column in question. That Darwinism is the so-called scientific foundation of communism and that communism and other irreligious ideologies will not be able to stand once Darwinism is destroyed are often pointed out in the works of Harun Yahya. In fact, the discomfort of the leftists in Switzerland with Harun Yahya’s ideas, which unveiled the deceit of Darwinism, is because of the heavy stroke on the ideological root of communism.

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