Muslim Creationist Attracted A Big Crowd To Beaulieu

24 Heures, one of the regional dailies of Switzerland, once again noted the Harun Yahya Conferences of Switzerland on its edition dated May 26th, 2010. The daily with 245.000 readers stated in the article titled “Muslim Creationist Attracted a Big Crowd to Beaulieu” as follows:


Yesterday more than 500 people listened to the statements, pertinaciously defended by Harun Yahya against Darwin’s theory of evolution… In the wee hours, Harun Yahya was to speak in front of 500 people through a visual conference system. The conference was in English and French translation could be listened to with headphones. Almost all of the 350 headphones were used. Here is a point that the supporters of Harun Yahya have led a grand poster and publicity campaign in Lausanne and Switzerland during the last weeks. 

The Rome Hall of the Lausanne Congress and Exhibition Center
was quite full for the Harun Yahya Conference

2010-08-01 22:48:40

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