Italian Scientists Explained The Advantages Of Harun Yahya Works With A Press Conference

La Voce, one of the reputable Internet daily of Italy, published a second article dated October 20th, 2010 about the Milano conference. In the article titled “Who is Afraid of the Anti-Evolutionists?” it was announced that L"AISO (Associazione Italiana per gli Studi sulle Origini) organized a press conference as an answer to the supporters of evolution and explained the benefits of the Milano conference that will be held by the representatives of Harun Yahya. (You can watch the news about the press conference in Italian from here. You can view the pictures of the conference organized at Hotel Palazzo Delle Stelline on October 21st, 2010 from here.)



The press conference in question was published on the national television of Italy:

Dr. Fabrizio Fratus, the President of AISO, emphasized these in summary: “Darwinism is a pagan religion. It is not scientific. We cooperated with the Harun Yahya group to tell the truths about Darwinism and to reach the message that there is a Creator Who created us to the people.”


The Professor of Physics, Piermaria Boria said, “Darwinism has no scientific evidence. Fossils show us that living beings have not changed for millions of years and even this confutes Darwinism.”

In addition these were included in the news:

The title of the conference that will be held in Hotel Palazzo Delle Stelline on October 21st, 2010 is “Evolution Deceit and Secret Behind Matter.” In addition, there is a fossil exhibition about the fact that there are no transitional fossils. Harun Yahya says that he will give 7 million dollar prize to the first person who brings a transitional fossil that proves the theory of evolution. Italians in contact with Harun Yahya say that only science will be spoken of in this organization. You can visit this address for more information:

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