The Message Is Very Clear: Darwinism Is Not Science

Ticinonline, popular internet news site published in Italian in Switzerland, announced the collapse of the theory of evolution conference that the representatives of Harun Yahya will hold in Milan, Italy on October 20th, 2010.

The statements against Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was on the messages on of Harun Yahya"s posters on billboards on Monday. According to him, the Earth was created through divine Creation. It is not possible not to see the posters against Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The message is very clear: Darwin is not scientific. In short, the evolution of the species is a deceit and Darwinism is not science.

Yahya/Oktar believes that the Earth was created through Divine Creation and that life forms have not changed. You can read these on his web site: “Therefore, we can come to this conclusion: Everything we see with our eyes is created. However, none of the things we see with our eyes is the Creator.” Then, the Creator is a Being Who is different than and superior to everything we see. He is a Superior Power Who is unseen but Who shows His Existence and Qualities in everything He creates. This is the point at which those who do not know Allah’s Existence deviate. These people have conditioned themselves not to believe in His Existence for as long as they do not see Allah with their own eyes. However, “they become obliged to hide the truth of “Creation” openly seen throughout the universe and to claim that the universe and living beings are not created. To do this they conform to lies. The theory of evolution and the materialist philosophy are the two clear examples of the lies told about this and the inconclusive flutters.”

Harun Yahya’s official web site publishes works such as the Collapse of the Theory of Evolution and Dark Side of Darwinism in an open and clear way.

2010-11-20 21:52:17

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