Harun Yahya Who Developed A Strong Creationist Movement In Europe


La Voce, one of the most well-known newspapers of Italy, devoted a place to an item titled "Anti-evolutionist Conference in Viterbo“ in its edition of the 22nd of June, 2011. It was announced to its readers in the article that the speaker who attended the conference as a representative of Harun Yahya will hold a conference against evolution in Viterbo.


In two days there will be a scientific conference about Charles Darwin’s theory organized by sociologist Fabrizio Fratus in Viterbo. At the conference, which will be attended by several circles, including Stefano Bertololini from Italian Creationists, physics professor Ferdinando Catalano and a doctor from the organization of the prominent Muslim Harun Yahya, who has developed a strong Creationist movement in Europe with his 300 works, will also take place…


(You can reach details of the conference from here.)




2011-08-09 22:59:18

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