Adnan Oktar’s Atlas Of Creation On London Buses

Azadnegar, Iran’s news agency which broadcasts in several languages, devoted a place to the recent poster campaign on London buses with the article titled “Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation on London Buses” on the 27th of August, 2011:

Adnan Oktar’s book campaign on London buses.

An influential Turkish writer Adnan Oktar’s book Atlas of Creation’s announcements are on London’s many traditional red double decker buses. The Atlas of Creation announcements displayed on the buses give details of the book and states “Modern Science Demonstrates that God Exists”.

The Atlas of Creation is a series of three books, written by Adnan Oktar under the pen name Harun Yahya. Adnan Oktar published volume 1 of his Atlas of Creation, with Global Publishing, Istanbul, Turkey in October 2006. Volumes 2 and 3 were published in 2007… At 11x17 inches and 12 pounds, with a bright red cover and almost 800 glossy pages, most of them lavishly illustrated, “Atlas of Creation” is according the New York Timesprobably the largest and most beautiful creationist challenge yet to Darwin’s theory, which Mr. Yahya calls a feeble and perverted ideology contradicted by the Koran”. Tens of thousands of copies of the book have been delivered, to schools, prominent researchers and research institutes throughout Europe and the United States.


You can watch the Atlas of Creation announcement on London buses from here.

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