Creationism In British Higher Education

One of the largest Darwinist organizations in the USA, The National Center of Scientific Education, mentioned the university students who denied evolution by quoting from Steve Jones’s article in the U.K. Daily Telegraph, on its web publication dated December 5th, 2011. Atheist geneticist Prof. Steve Jones says in his article: “There are many Muslim students in University of London and almost all of them are talented and hardworking students. But some of them do not accept Darwin’s theory due to religious reasons.”

Moreover, as it is written in the web site of NCSE, the essence of these rejections is based on Harun Yahya’s creationist works and it is said that students do not wish to attend evolution lectures owing to the influence of these works.

As a result of Harun Yahya"s works, documentaries and web sites, Darwinist propaganda has been rendered ineffective. Today it is very well known by European youth that evolution is an unscientific and collapsed theory that is kept alive only because of ideological reasons.

2011-12-13 20:20:09

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