EU: We can be a global force with Turkey

What He Said?What Happened?

Erzincan Can TV-July 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The European Union is a very good and a very necessary union. Turkey must join it, but not in this state. [It must join] As the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT MUST JOIN AS A SUPER-STATE ACTING AS A BRIDGE TO EUROPE. THE EU WILL THEN BE A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER THAN IT IS NOW. America will be twice what it is now. It will grow enormously. Russia and China will both be relieved. Neighbors and everyone will be relieved. Israel will prosper. The Middle East will be like Paradise for them. THEY WILL BE AT GREAT EASE. The Turkish nation will bring about the finest peace, security and love. That is how it was in Ottoman times, and that is how it is now. Allah has bestowed this task on this nation, insha’Allah.

Newspaper announcements based on the works of Adnan Oktar dealt with the subject as follows:

The religious devotion in Anatolia [Turkey], the love, friendship and conception of altruism, the affection for all that is good, the hospitality, traditional humanity, in essence all forms of human, moral and spiritual beauty are the ideal conception of life and life style for the whole world. The whole world, AND EUROPE IN PARTICULAR, DESPERATELY NEEDS THIS CONCEPTION AND THESE HUMANE MORAL VALUES. A European Union in which a Darwinist, materialist and atheist conception prevails is condemned, sooner or later, to collapse. But an EU that adopts the superior moral virtues of the Turkish nation, that takes its moral virtues as a life style, will attain the most perfect form. In order for that to happen, it is essential that Turkey should join the EU as a major state and the leader of the Turkic and Islamic world and to assimilate them into its own spiritual template. The anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist, religious, patriotic and enlightened Turkish Nation will successfully discharge this historic duty.

Daily Türkiye-December 7, 2008

“EU: We can be a global force with Turkey”

“The European Union summit stated that its weakness in the field of defense and security would come to an end with Turkish membership.”

Daily Yeni Şafak-November 29, 2008

“The EU needs Turkey”

“Sir Martin Sorrell, the CEO of WPP, one of the world’s largest communications companies, said that an aging Western Europe had to admit Turkey, with its youthful population.”

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