Hakan Albayrak: The Islamic Union

What He Said?What Happened?

Kuşadası TV-July 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Now, what if, Allah forbid, Konya, İzmir and Adana were all separated and I said that we are all brothers so how could that be? We would all join together. Would it be at all logical for anyone to say that this is utopian, that it was out of the question or irrelevant and that these places are all totally separate? Of course, not. In the same way, it is illogical for us and the Turkic states to be separated. We share the same faith, we speak the same language and we come from the same race. Everything we have is the same; our culture, customs and traditions, so there is no reason for us to be divided. For that to come about, the passport and visa requirement between these countries, between the Turkic states and Islamic countries, must be lifted. People should be free to come and go as they wish. They should be able to trade and establish links totally freely. This can happen in the European Union, so why should it not happen in the Turkish-Islamic Union? In the European Union everyone enters whatever countries they wish and settle where they wish. No passports or visas are used. So why should we, as brothers, not do that? There is no reason, of course it is possible. Turkish-Islamic states are most attractive countries with the finest lands, and the world’s richest mineral reserves are in those territories. Its richest oil reserves are in those territories. We have the flour, oil and sugar, and now just need to bake the cake. This is something all Turkish people want. I talk to Azeris and they are desperately keen to amalgamate with Turkey. If Turkey were to give the go-ahead they would sign up within 24 or 48 hours. If Turkey suggested it today, Syria would immediately agree to amalgamate with Turkey. The matter will be settled if the Turkish people keep strongly expressing a desire for it and if the proposal is put to the government as a result of nongovernmental organizations in particular keeping it on the agenda, insha’Allah.

Azerbaijan Apa News Agency-August 16, 2008

Adnan Oktar: If we ask who the leader of the Islamic world should be, everyone will say, and says Turkey. This is not a matter of racial superiority, but one of superior ability, superior talent, meaning it is a blessing that must be set up at once. We must first set up a Turkic union, and there is no need for priority listing. Syria and Azerbaijan can link themselves to Turkey at the same moment, for example. At the same time, there is no need for any waiting list at all. This union must be established at once under Turkish leadership. Once this has been established, nobody can and will have any more problems. Why should Georgia, for example, get involved in such an affair? Why should Russia enter into such difficulty? Look at all the suffering over the last few days. You see on the television how the women are crying out. That is perfectly logical. There is a European Union, a Mediterranean Union, the most disparate countries all come together, so why should people with the same lineage, the same religion, the same traditions, the same customs and the same everything not combine together? We are brothers in faith and lineage. There is nothing to wait for, we must join together at once. It will bring great wealth, plenty, peace and quality to the region. There will be a hitherto unseen civilization. A civilization never seen before in history. In other words, a civilization unseen in Turkish history will arise insha’Allah.

Daily Yeni Şafak-November 3, 2008

“It will be like the European Union, for example. A confederative or federal union will be established. If France and Germany, confirmed enemies, have been able to go down the path of union, then why should Islamic countries not? If, 10 years ago, I had said that The Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic could be friends, and that there could even be a strategic partnership between the two countries, I would have been a laughing stock. But it has happened. And more can happen yet. We just need to believe it can happen for it to do so. We need to keep the cause of union constantly on the agenda.”

2008-12-16 22:01:58

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