Islam Denounces Terrorism Conferece in Baku

A conference made up of two parts called “Islam Denounces Terrorism” and “The Living Beings Told in the Qur’an and Their Miraculous Characteristics” was organized at the Park Inn Hotel in Azerbaijan on February 27th, 2011. Over 500 people attended the conference held at a hall with 400 people capacity. The attendees that could not be seated followed the conference from the hall where the fossil exhibition was held.

There was a lot of attendance to the conferene from people of religion, scientists, reputable artists and members of the press. In addition, the conference was made news in detail by Ictimai TV, the one of the most frequently watched channels of Azerbaijan. The conference, which was announced in many papers and news channels, was also recorded by Internews TV and the spokespeople were invited to a special program for more detailed information.


2011-04-10 15:19:48

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