Co-operation Between Animals And Plants

In the April, 1999, issue of this magazine, an article was carried entitled "Co-operation Between Animals and Plants," which discussed the life that plants and animals have in common. Here is an extract from that article:

"..One good example is the pitcher plant (Nepenthes bicalcarata) that grows in Eastern India. This plant, that is exactly in the shape of carafe, houses ant colonies in its body. It feeds on insects by seizing the ones that perch on it, captures them and in the end digests them. On the other hand, the guest ants have privilege for this carnivorous plant. The pitcher plant ignores the existence of ants in an incomprehensible manner. Truly the ants and the plant have a deal with each other for their mutual benefit. The ants are under the threat of being eaten by the plant, nevertheless they have gained a home for themselves. On the other hand, the plant leaves remnants of some tissues and insects for the ants and in return, it gains the right to get protected from its enemies by the ants. This example defines the main features of symbiosis between the ants and the plant. The anatomy and physiological structures of the ants and the plant hosting them are so designed as to provide a mutual relationship. However the evolutionists claim that such relationship gradually became widespread in millions of years, assuming an obvious illogical thesis that two living beings lacking intelligence made an agreement and planned such "mutual benefit" system-somehow."

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