In Every Age There Existed An Ignorant Society

Iqra is the magazine of the South Bay Islamic Organization (SBIA) in San Jose, California, a non-profit organization dedicated to weaving the universal teachings of Islam into the fabric of American society. Harun Yahya"s article published in the April, 2002, issue of the magazine was titled "In Every Age There Existed an Ignorant Society". An extract from the article reads:
From the time man was created, there have always been two distinct societies: the ignorant society and the community of believers. All those who fail to observe the limits set by religion, constitute the ignorant society. Despite discrepancies in beliefs, thoughts and ways of living, one fundamental rationale lays the groundwork for the life of all ignorant societies: not to adhere to true religion.
Harun Yahya is a regular contributor of this magazine.

In Every Age There Existed an Ignorant Society

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