Evaluating Everything From The Point Of View Of The Qur’an

Mirror International is a message-oriented weekly newspaper published from New York. 40,000 copies are distributed every week in more than 115 cities in the US and Canada. It aims to encourage Muslims to interact with American society and politics, and to provide intellectual interaction with the non-Muslim elite and masses alike.

Harun Yahya"s articles published in this newspaper address faith-related and political topics. The article titled "Evaluating Everything From the Point of View of the Qur"an" maintains that everything takes place in accordance with the destiny Allah has determined, and that therefore everything has a purpose. What believers should do, according to the author, is to interpret each event in the light of the Qur"an and react in the way the Qur"an prescribes.

Evaluating Everything From the Point of View of the Qur’an

2010-02-11 00:13:47

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