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The newspaper Palitra has regularly carried Harun Yahya’s articles since 2002. In its 18-19 September 2002 issue, it devoted an entire page to an interview with him: “A Devoted Life to Islam.” This described his devotion to religion ever since his childhood and the books he has written. 

December 2003,
"Miracles of the Prophets"
Some extracts from this interview read as follows:

•    Ever since childhood I have thought that the existence of Allah, the moral virtues revealed in the Qur’an and the Hereafter need to be explained to people. For that reason I learned about the history of Islam and the life and Sunnah of our Prophet (saas), carefully studied the valuable works of great Islamic scholars, and began telling people what I knew.

•    Like everything that befalls us, prison life is a test created by Allah, and is a pleasure and a delight.
•    It is impossible for anyone to harm anyone else outside Allah’s control. It is therefore Allah, Who puts one in prison, and Allah who frees one.

•    I believe telling people that Darwinism is a grave deception is a duty incumbent upon every Muslim.

•    My intellectual struggle against Darwinism is made possible by the will and inspiration of Allah. That is why I think that the first stage in the eradication of atheism from the world and its replacement with the moral virtues of the Qur’an must be the elimination of the intellectual basis of atheism. Allah showed me this, inspired it in me… This intellectual struggle that has been going on for some 20 years has allowed us to obtain the most excellent results… With the collapse of these heretical ideologies, people have begun turning to Allah and the true faith. This is a major historic development.

•    It is very important for believers to unite if evil and those who commit evil are to be intellectually eliminated and for the alliance of the wicked to be shattered. It must not be forgotten that Almighty Allah is the greatest helper and supporter of those who struggle to disseminate the moral virtues of Islam. Muslims will be rewarded for these efforts by being raised in the sight of Allah. Allah bestows a delightful, peaceful and easy life in this world on the righteous.

May 2003, "Signs of the Last Day in the Qur’an"
19 September 2002
October 2002,
"The Creation of the Universe"
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