Several Articles By Harun Yahya

The monthly magazine Suara Hidayatullah has carried a large number of Harun Yahya’s articles. In a six-page article entitled “Perished Nations” (April 2003), the author discussed the end of peoples destroyed by Allah because of their cruelty, from the people of Noah to the inhabitants of Pompeii. The article, which analyzed the historical and scientific facts in the light of the Qur’an, also described the disasters that befell Prophet Lot’s (pbuh) people.

Another article, "The Miracle in the Cell," appeared in the July 2003 edition. This six-page article consisted of such subheadings as “The Cell: The Miracle in Your Body” and “The Cellular Telephone and the Cells in Our Bodies.”

April 2003,
"Perished Nations"
June 2003,
"The Miracle in the Cell"
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