Allah"s Art Of Detail

Al Jumuah, a magazine published in the USA with a circulation fo 15.000 and read in the USA, Canada, European, African and Middle East countries, continued to publish Harun Yahya’s book titled "Allah’s Art of Detail" in a series of articles in the year 2009. The author’s articles in which signs leading to fatih such as the miracle in snowflakes, communication and cleaning of the cells in the human body are told on its edition dated June 1st, 2009.

On the edition dated June 2009, the athor’s article in which he explained the miraclous characteritics of the taste receptor cells, the skin and atoms, was devoted a place.

On the edition of the magazine dated August 2009, the athor’s article in which he explained the signs leading to faith about the amphibiens living in the ocean floor and the sense of smell was devoted a place.

2010-11-11 12:51:39

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