Dr. Ramiz Zekaj ( Albanian institute Of islamic Thought & Civilisation (aiitc) General Director )


(Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilisation)

Last times a lot of valuable books from different fields of life and science have enriched the fund of books of AIITC and among them the books of the well-known writer Harun Yahya in English and Turkish. These books are scientific approach to Islam lessons. Who can read this literature will notice that the author"s outlooks are well based in special surveys, experiments and analysis, result of his long term studies in the respective fields.

The books are recently published, 99-2000. Many illustration help to assimilate the problems handled in the books and rise up their functional side.

The content of the books: DEE P THINKING, THE MIRACLE IN THE ANT, PERISHED NATIONS, NEVER PLEAD IGNORANCE etc, have attracted the attention of Albanian readers that evaluate the seriousness of the scientific based interpretations of Harun Yahya.

For AIITC opinion Islam library thanks to these books enters the new millennium with a special treasure of modern-scientific literature. In this occasion AIITC thanks all those persons that have contributed for making this possible and also wishes to the author long life and further successes in his scientific work.

Dr. Ramiz Zekaj
General Director,
Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilisation (AIITC)

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