Mutual influence

Muslims are one another’s guardians. They support and warn one another with regard to abiding by Allah’s commandments and prohibitions and show each other the true path with compassions.  When Muslims come together they have a positive influence on people’s consciences and moral behavior and on other Muslims. In this way Muslims impact on one another, meaning they take each other’s virtues as role models. Allah has revealed the form that Muslims’ behavior should take in this verse:

Truly man is in loss - except for those who have faith and do right actions  and urge each other to the truth and urge each other to steadfastness. (Sura al-‘Asr, 2-3)

Even if believers do not speak they can act as models for one another with their behavior. Even if not expressed in words, the kind of behavior that Allah will find pleasing can be understood and spreads among Muslims by such mutual influence. Muslims benefit from the state of others’ souls. The state of soul resulting from a believers’ fear of Allah is increased many times over by the depth of faith of other believers. For that reason, even if a community of believers is very small, it members will be spiritually very strong. The reason for that strength is their trusting and resigned devotion to Allah and loyalty to one another for His approval.

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