Germans Rushed to Mosques

German people eagerly visited the mosques to hear about Islam and Muslims.

As of the year 1997, the mosques all through Germany have been opening their doors to non-Muslims by organising an Open-Door Day in scope of German Unity Day Celebrations 1 (Deutsche Einheit) on the 3th of October.

Every year on this special day, almost a hundred thousand people visit the mosques all through the Germany. While this activity allows German people to learn about Muslims, it also causes two societies to become close to each other.

Yesterday, the mosques in Berlin, the capital of Germany hosted some ten thousand visitors in scope of  the traditional Open-Door Day. It was announced that Berlin Sehitlik Mosque which is one of the most charming mosques in Germany, hosted some 2 thousand people. In this way, the visitors found the opportunity of learning about Islamic faith and the religious practices which were introduced by the special educated guides.

Önder Çetin, one of the organizers of the Open-Door Day in Martyrdom Mosque emphasized that the number of the visitors was so high despite the rainy weather. “In fact everyday passes like an Open Door Day in Martyrdom Mosque.” said Çetin in his explanation to Cihan News Agency to stress that Berlin Martyrdom Mosque is being visited every day and added “Especially the student groups from the schools visit our mosque. Last year we hosted more than 3 thousand people in scope of this programme.”

1 The day of celebrating the reunification of West Germany and East Germany

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