Former US Congressman defences Islam

Former Congressman Mark D. Siljander wrote a book named ‘A Deadly Misunderstanding’.As a linguistic on Hebrew and Arabic as well as Aramaic - the language spoken by Jesus - he spent some years to study the Bible.

When Siljander was a guest on Min (From) Washington, a current events show on Al Jazeera Channel, a question was asked to him; “Was Jesus a Christian or a Muslim?”Siljander replied the question while giving details of his research. He explained the audience that after studying Aramaic Language and the Bible for many years, he discovered that Jesus called the Prophets who came before him as Muslims as this was also mentioned in the same way in the Qur’an. He expressed that after reviewing Aramaic copies of the Bible and other Christianity sources, he reached this outcome. After long years of investigations, Siljander also discovered that the word ‘Christian’ is not mentioned in any line of the Bible.

2009-09-30 00:00:00

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