U.S. ambassador Wilson: Turkey and Iraq must co-operate

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Turkmeneli TV, 22 April 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey’s policy on Iraq is of vital importance. Turkey’s main aim must be to ensure that Iraq’s national integrity is not impaired and to enter into very close relations with Iraq, again as if it were a province of ours. IT IS THE FIRST COUNTRY, I THINK, WE SHOULD UNITE WITH IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION… That would be a wonderful salvation for Iraq and would give rise to an amazing economic boom, peace and economic regeneration. The people of Iraq will be freed from the current suffering and pain in a matter of days, and WISHING TO COME UNDER TURKISH PROTECTION WILL BE A GREAT BLESSING FOR IRAQ… I mean that they will say they want to fall under the Turkish axis in terms of government administration. It means their wanting Turkey to be the main factor in the governance and running of the country. In other words, TURKEY WILL BE A GUARANTOR STATE, in the same way that Turkey is a guarantor state in Cyprus. The relationship will be the same as that between Turkey and Cyprus.

Turkmeneli: Do you think America would accept?

Adnan Oktar: It would be enormously in America’s favor. Nobody will die, America can go and set up companies and engage in such commercial activities as it wants when the administration is in Turkish hands. THE PRESENT SYSTEM IS BLEEDING AMERICA WHITE. THE MINUTE TURKEY ENTERS THE REGION AS A GUARANTOR POWER, TERROR WILL IMMEDIATELY COME TO AN END. THE WHOLE THING WILL COME TO AN END. The Arabs will be happier, and the Turks, and the Kurds, everyone.

Daily Turkiye-October 12, 2008

"U.S. Ambassador Wilson: Turkey and Iraq Must Co-Operate
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