Russia is an inseperable component of the Islamic World

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Mufties Council, Moscow City Council andThe Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) organised a conference named “Russia and the Islamic world: partnership for the sake of stability.” The conference hosted more than a thousand participants and the relation between Russia and the Islamic World jumped into a new dimension.

During the conference, Mayor of Moscow Yuri Lujkov called himself as ‘Mujahid’ and Liberal Democrat Party Leader Vladimir Jirinovski started his lecture by reciting Bismillah (beginning in the name of God).

The conference started with the reciting of the Qur’an and a greeting message by Russian President Medvedev was read as well that covered the words: “In today’s modern Russia where there are millions of Muslims live, works of Islamic culture are being restored as well as the new mosques and Islamic universities are being opened. We would like to increase our close and multi-dimensional relations with the Islamic World.

Gaynuddin, the Chairman of Russian Mufties Council expressed that the connection between Russia and Islamic World is for the benefit of the whole world in general and said, “Muslims in Russia got relieved after Prime Minister Viladimir Putin came to power. Russia is an inseperable component of Islamic World.”

Vice Chairman of Duma (Russian Parliament) and Liberal Democrat Party Leader Vladimir Jirinovski was passionately applauded when he started his lecture by reciting Bismillah (beginning in the name of God). “I was born in Kazakhistan and became an expert of Orientalism. I find this conference very useful. However I would like to edit the headline. It would be fabulous if the headline was ‘Russia is a component of Islamic World’ instead of ‘Russia-Islamic World’. This is really the case. Our Country’s south border is like a window which is opening directly to the Islamic world.”

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