Muslims Celebrate Eid-al-adha on the roads of Moscow

Thousands of people performed their Eid prayer on the rugs that were placed on the roads of Moscow, capital of Russia as the Central Mosque could not host that number.

The neighbourhood of the Central Mosque in Prospekt Mira street of Moscow were closed to allow people to perform the prayer of Eid al- adha.

According to the police information there were around 10 or 15 thousands of people who filled the streets for the prayer.

Russian State Television relayed by turns the prayer at the Central Mosque and the mosque in Ufa, capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia.

Russian President Dimitriy Medvedev sent a message owing to  Eid al – adha. “The Feast of  Sacrifice  bonds people in scope of Islam’s real values like peace, compassion and goodness. The Feast of  Sacrifice symbolizes the people’s spiritual revival because of the performance of hajj. The Feast of Sacrifice not only strengthens people’s belief in justice but also teaches them to help their neighbours who are in need of  other people.”

Medvedev also expressed that the muslim community in Russia plays a great role to diversify the cultural richness in Russian community and he told ; “I am sure that, the base of mutual respect and the tradition of good neighbour relations will go on to contribute the success of our common homeland.”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also celebrated the Eid al -adha of all the muslims in Russia and stated that the bairam is an indispensible part of multi-national spiritual legacy of Russia as well as a symbol of the moral development and helping to other people who are in need.

Also Putin informed that thousands of Russian Muslims celebrated the feast of sacrifice in the holy land of  Saudi Arabistan and some millions came together at the mosques of Russia while visiting their relatives as well. 

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