Famous Christian Blogger Converted to Islam

Mandolina, a famous blogger who was well-known for his anti – islamic writings previously, converted to Islam and became a Muslim.  He suspended all of his previous writings and explained why he converted to Islam in detail. "Normally people understand the real value of their material properties whenever they lose them. But people who understand the real value of the moral blessings are the only ones who really own these in themselves.”  told the blogger to Misriyyun Newspaper.

The previous Christian blogger Mandolina, who always critized Islam announced that he became a Muslim. Mandolina also expressed that he has had an inner conflict going on for one and a half year which finally ended when he picked the right path.

Mandolina wrote these words in his blog:

“There is a wise saying: The health is like a crown on the head of the people who have full health but only sick people can understand the value of the it. This is something natural. The value of the health, the children, the money  and the value of other physical blessings can only be understood whenever we lose them. However the spiritual and mental blessings are only be understood by the people who own them. SuphanAllah. Nobody really understands the value of being guided by Allah but only the people who have the faith blessing by Allah. Nobody really understands the value of being intelligent but only the people of intelligence by Allah’s leave. Nobody really understands the value of knowledge but only the people of knowledge by Allah’s leave. In the same way, nobody understands the real value of Islam but only the people who converted to Islam by Allah’s leave. I converted to Islam eleven days ago. On Sunday morning, at the time of morning pray, I made up my mind and repeated the Islamic testimony of faith (the Shahadah). Since then I realized other meanings of the word “Elhamdulillah” (Thanks God). When I repeated this word again and again I felt as if I fly to the sky with my soul.”

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