Muslims in Peru do not have limits in teaching Islam

The Muslims in Peru are enthusiastically teaching Islam even in the villages located on the mountains of Peru where 45 % of its population is Indian. According to the news of the World Bulletin the Muslims who cover up the 0, 02 % of the population of Peru; which is located right in the west part of South America and known as the Country of Andes Mountains, continue on their activities to help Indian people who are convulsed with poverty and teach them about Islam as they have never heard in their lives before.

While these Muslim groups, who are nearly 1000 in number according to the official figures, continue on their operations in Lima, the capital city, they help Peru people – some are Catholic and some believe in nature religions - to overcome pain and by preaching they try to be a means whereby Peru people become Muslims. The Islamic monastery of Muslim Peruvians is a worship center as well as a place where the aid operations are organized. ‘Muslim Peruvians’ inform the Muslims throughout the world about their services by putting many photos on their website.

2010-03-10 00:00:00
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