British Army will appoint Muslim clerics

British Army is making preparations to send a large number of Muslim clerics  to Afghanistan in order to win the heart of civil society as it believes that armed struggle is not the only way to provide peace and stability.

The Independent reports that Muslim clerics in the British Army may be deployed to Afghanistan in a "hearts and minds" mission. The Muslim clerics will directly be in contact with the religious leaders and civil society in Afghanistan.

Turkey has been previously asked to establish Vocational Religious High Schools (Imam Hatip)  in Afghanistan

Afghan authorities have offered Turkey to establish Vocational Religious High Schools in Afghanistan order to contribute the modernization of the education system in the country.

There are around 350 Muslims serving in the UK armed forces and by means of this policy UK hopes to increase the number of Muslims in the army.

The Independent, 03.04.2010

Hurriyet, 05.04.2010

2010-04-03 00:00:00

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