The Netherlands takes a lively interest in Islam

Turgutlu Anadolu Islamic Divinity Students High School Delegation carried out the second phase of ‘The Contribution of Religious Training to Personal Development’ project in the Netherlands. The Delegation visited various institutions and organizations in the Netherlands to come to a conclusion that there is a growth of interest in Islam within the country.

Fatih Alakus, Deputy Manager of Turgutlu Islamic Divinity Students High School and EU Project Coordinator, reported that the Netherlands is a popular country regarding freedoms. “It has been considered that the Netherlands’ perspective for Islam may develop in a negative way due to September 11 event. On the contrary, the interest in Islam has been dramatically increased and the ratio of people becoming Muslim has risen comparatively. This is a very good situation. Moreover a great convenience is provided  to the organizations that provide or intend to provide Islamic training. The institutions also pay attention in order to train students without creating any discrimination against various beliefs.” said Alakus.

2010-04-24 00:00:00

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