A Belgian Man Converted to Islam in Turkey

Van De Putte Raymond made some research about Islam in Belgium. Then he came to Fethiye, Turkey for a holiday and continued his research as well. Raymond built up close relations with Muslims in Turkey and made up his mind to become a Muslim because of the positive impressions that he experienced here. Raymond expressed that he heard a lot about Islam before but he lived it in the best way when he spent his holiday in a Muslim country, Turkey. He stated that he is so happy that he converted to Islam and Muslims’ way of living impressed him pretty much. Raymond changed his name as Mustafa after recited kalima shahadah (Islamic testimony of faith). After the Conversion Ceremony, Omer Faruk Bilgili, Mufti of Fethiye, gave Mustafa the Qur’an and some books as presents.

2010-10-05 00:00:00

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