Church"s youth studies department leader converted to Islam

“My name is Latasha Leary. I am an American and rised in a pious Christian family… I was reading Bible and making some research about it. The thing that drew my attention most was there were stories with contradictions in the Bible.

I became the leader of Youth Studies Department at the local church when i was only twenty. I worked on Bible more and explored the stories in detail. The more I studied, the more queries I had. However I found no answers to these questions…

I had no idea regarding the Muslims’ faith… I read information on Islam on some websites. I was impressed pretty much as these were the answers of my questions and these answers fit in my mentality. I decided to convert to Islam two months later. I went to the mosque again and recited the kalima shahadah (Islamic testimony of faith). I felt peace which I have never felt before within my soul and my heart. SubhanAllah, Allah-u Akbar! (Allah is All-Powerful, All-Magnificent)”

2010-06-26 00:00:00

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