Introducing true Islam eliminates prejudices

Sociologist Dr. Andrea Kronenthaler (changed her name as Hatice Ozdemir after embracing Islam) is an associate professor at Karlsruhe University of Germany who frankly expresses that 87 % of the tourists’ knowledge of Islam is based on second-hand information and says; “If the true Islam is introduced to them, they listen carefully and admit that they have prejudices on Islam but then they get out of these prejudices after learning the truth. So it is very significant for Muslims to become role models with their manners.”

Dr. Andrea Kronenthaler describes Islam to the tourists who come to Side in Turkey and tries to eliminate the prejudices about Muslims. She gives information about Islam in English and in German to the tourists visiting Fatih Mosque in Side, Manavgat. Kronenthaler explains that European tourists are very much interested in Islam but have prejudices. Western people generally do have prejudices and investigators proved this reality. While studying on Islam 13 years ago, she personally involved to the life story of Prophet Muhammad (saas). Thus, she converted to Islam then.

2011-08-22 00:00:00

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