Carlos Monteiro of Lisbon University: 25 Years Later I found peace

Tariq (Carlos) Monteiro (55), Chairman of the Department of Theatre, from Portugal, Lisbon University expressed that he became a Muslim by reciting the kalima shahadah at a Turkish association in Lisbon a year ago after visiting Iznik of Bursa in Turkey.

Mr Monteiro told that he has studied about religions for 25 years and when he visited Turkey, he went to a mosque in order to examine and just then a crowd of people’s entering the mosque to perform Friday prayer caused Mr. Monteiro to remain among them. He explains the moment as: “When I realized that it was out of question to step out of the crowd, I decided to perform Friday prayer with them and then I perceived that I found out the peace which I had been looking for a long time. So, I became a Muslim and changed my name as Tariq.”

Tariq Monteiro explains how he likes Iznik: “I was so impressed about the mosques in Iznik. During my visit I saw people worshipping Allah five times a day, which also impressed me pretty much. I have researched monotheistic religions for 25 years and I also studied Islam and the Qur’an. I decided to become a Muslim when I got back to Lisbon. By means of a Turkish association located in Lisbon and with the help of an imam (Muslim religious leader in a mosque) of Palestinian origin, I recited kalima shahadah to convert to Islam.” Additionally Mr. Monteiro has learned how to recite the Qur’an from Mucahit Ayas, muezzin of Green Mosque in Iznik.

Mr Monteiro also added that his elder daughter who is a university lecturer thinks of converting to Islam as well.

2011-09-27 00:00:00

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