It is also Allah who created the technical equipment

Allah created everything from nothing. All the people over the world, the universe and all blessings that we can never count are created by Allah’s superior wisdom. One of the proofs that Allah created everything flawlessly is the technical equipments. People assume that technical equipments are created in factories, thanks to extraordinary designs. Even a person who has never seen how a technical equipment is produced in a factory knows that it is “made” by a “conscious” person, that is it could not have been “come into being by chance”. At this point, there is an important fact; it is Allah Who creates a technical equipment, together with the designer and producer of it in our brain as images. Consequently computers, televisions, dvds, dvd players, cellular phones, which are the equipments for which advanced technology is employed for their production are, in essence, the images perceived in our brain. Therefore, a person who acknowledges that a TV set has absolutely “a producer with a conscience” also admits that each image, including that TV set, that is formed in his brain has a “Creator”, that it could not have come into existence by chance. It is ALLAH, OUR CREATOR POSSESSING SUPERIOR WISDOM. All Muslims aware of this truth find the opportunity to have a better grasp of Allah and draw closer to Him. As they see the manifestations of wisdom Allah creates in details, their faith and fear for Allah deepen.

2009-01-13 14:42:12

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