Some people who believe that they are descended from apes by way of evolution will assume the appearance of apes and pigs

Accounts indicate that in the End Times there will be some people who imagine that Allah did not create human beings and that they were created by chance. (Surely Allah is beyond that) And these people will maintain that they and others are all descended from apes. The hadith describe how these people, who believe they were created through evolution and that they themselves are a kind of ape or animal, “will physically resemble apes.” People’s physical attractiveness will be impaired, and they will assume a dark, repulsive and pathological appearance, and their beauty and splendor in people’s eyes will disappear.

It also appears from the hadith that these people, described by our Prophet (saas) as  “apes” and “resembling apes,” will actually “imagine themselves to be apes and will have the characters of apes.” 


I swear by the great power of the breath of Muhammad (saas) that A COMMUNITY FROM MY PEOPLE... WILL RISE IN THE MORNING IN THE FORM OF PIGS AND APES...

(Portents of Doomsday, Lessons from Ramuz al-Ahadith, 459/2)


(Ramuz al-Ahadith, Hadith no: 5711)

(Ibn Majah) from Abi Umama: «A GROUP FROM MY COMMUNITY will eat and drink and amuse themselves and then retire, but in the morning THEY WILL RISE AS APES AND PIGS... »

(Al-Tabarani) (Muhammad Ibn Rasul Al Hussein Al Barzanji, Portents of Doomsday, p. 111)

According to what is narrated from Ali Ibn Abu Talib and Abu Huraira, the Messenger of Allah said:
«... EXPECT THEIR APPEARANCES TO BECOME THOSE OF APES OR PIGS, and expect stones and the like to rain down from the sky!»

(Tirmidhi) (Muhammad Ibn Rasul Al Hussein Al Barzanji, Portents of Doomsday, p. 114)

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