Let us unify the Palestinians

What He Said?What Happened?

Al Baghdadia TV-June 29, 2008

Muslims are being massacred. First in Bosnia and now in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do you think should be done in Palestine?

Adnan Oktar:
  It is a sin for Muslims not be united and act as one. It is unlawful. According to the Qur’an, it is obligatory FOR MUSLIMS TO ACT TOGETHER AS ONE AS BROTHERS, FOR THEM ALL TO BE BROTHERS TO ONE ANOTHER and to gather around a single leader. But Muslims are not doing that. As they fail to do that, it opens the way to all kinds of affliction. Muslims will abide by that obligation. What I am saying is that a Turkish-Islamic Union must be established under Turkish leadership, under the leadership of the Turkish nation. All countries will still be nation states in it. Every state will act freely domestically, but they need a spiritual leader at their head. Because the Christians have a leader, the Pope. Muslims must also have a spiritual leader. This
and corruption will easily come to an end if there is a leader at the head of this spiritual union. In that event, since all Muslims will act as one if even a hair of Muslims’ heads is harmed anywhere in the world, the incident will be stopped at once. But if they are fragmented, if they act in such a way as to make a policy of divide and rule possible, then it is easy to swallow the small pieces up.  But it is impossible to swallow up the Muslim world as an entire block. Muslims must fulfill this obligation without delay.

Al Quds-November 17, 2008

Reporter: What kind of message would you like to send to the Palestinian people and administration? In particular, there is conflict between Hamas and Al-Fatah, as you know. What message would you like to send them?  

Adnan Oktar: Great emphasis needs to be placed on the signs leading to faith in Palestine. People must be made well aware of the existence and oneness of Allah.  Darwinism must be completely rooted out of Palestine. Darwinist and materialist thinking must be wiped off. When that happens, I think that the conflict between Hamas and the PLO will also cease.  It seems to me like something stemming rather from a weakness of faith.  BECAUSE BROTHERS CAN NEVER FIGHT ONE ANOTHER. THAT IS A SIN ACCORDING TO THE QUR’AN. SUCH A THING IS OUT OF THE QUESTION. An internal conflict  would be a particular violation of good conscience and act of cruelty in such a difficult climate as this, when Palestinians are being oppressed. They must avoid that at all costs.  THEY MUST BE CONSIDERATE OF ONE ANOTHER AND STRENGTHEN THE BONDS OF BROTHERHOOD BETWEEN THEM. They must raise their levels of culture and learning, and grow in faith. They must make their love of Allah more fervent. Let them have a little fortitude and, insha’Allah, they will come to salvation and victory. They will come to spiritual salvation and spiritual victory, insha’Allah.

Hürriyet-February 8, 2009

Unite so we can defend you better

Erdoğan told Abbas that both sides needed to take steps, saying, “YOU MUST ESTABLISH BONDS OF UNITY AMONG YOU if we are to defend you more strongly.” Erdoğan EMPHASIZED THE NEED FOR THEM TO ACT AS ONE BY EREDICATING THE DIVISIONS AMONG THEM, and that Turkey was ready to do whatever was required of it in order to establish a consensus government by eliminating that division. 

Bugün-February 6, 2009

Let us unify the Palestinians

2009-02-22 15:15:21

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