Since the early 20th century, the theory of evolution, constantly depicted as a scientific reality by some circles, has received a string of lethal blows—which, however, have been carefully concealed from the public. Darwinists constantly issue propaganda suggesting that nothing has changed, but they never mention the countless fossils that serve as evidence of Creation and continue relating the same, familiar tales. One of the most notable aspects of evolutionist propaganda is that they almost never feel the need to back up their tales with any scientific findings. Phillip Johnson describes the position: There is no requirement that any of this speculation be confirmed either experimental or fossil evidence. To Darwinists, just being able to imagine the process is sufficient to confirm that something like that must have happened. (Phillip Johnson, Objection Sustained, p. 23) On its own, in fact, this situation is proof of Darwinists’ despair. They are obliged to rely on their own imaginations, because scientific data offer their theory no support. Countless fossils, such as the juniper leaf illustrated, prove that evolution never took place. For that reason, Darwinists prefer to seek refuge in speculation rather than seek to explain the evidence.
AGE:5-1.8 million years
LOCATION:Sofia, Bulgaria
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2012-07-18 13:59:30

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