Our Prophet's (saas) line of descent

  • ADNAN had twosons, MAADand ‘Akk. MAAD had four sons: 
  • NIDHAR, Quda’a, Qunus and Iyad. NIDHAR had three sons. Their names were: 
  • MUDAR, Rabia andAnmar. MUDAR had two sons: 
  • ILYAS and Aylan. ILYAS had threesons. Their names were: 
  • MUDRIKA, Tabîha and Kamaa. MUDRIKA had two sons: 
  • KHUZAYMA and Hudhayl. KHUZAYMA had four sons. These were: 
  • KINANAH, Asad, Asadaand Hun. He known asKINANAH had four sons: 
  • NADR, Malik, Abd Manaf and Milkan.NADR had two sons. Their names were: 
  • MALIK and Yakhlud.MALIK had just one son. His name wasFIHR. This person had four sons. Their names were: 
  • GHALIB, Muharib, Harith and Asad. GHALIB had two sons. These were: 
  • LU’AYY and Taym.LU’AYY had four sons, whose names were: 
  • KA'B, Amir, Sama and Awf. KA'B had three sons. They were: 
  • MURRAH, Adiyand Husayn.MURRAH had three sons, whose names were: 
  • KILAB, Taym and Yaqazah.KILAB had two sons:
  • QUSAYY and Zuhrah. QUSAYY had four sons and two daughters. The sons’ names were:  
  • ABD MANAF, Abd ad-Dar, Abduluzza and Abd Qusayy, and the girls were called Tahmur and Barra. ABD MANAF had four sons. Their names were: 
  • HASHIM, Abd Shams, Muttalib and Nawfal. HASHIM had four sons and five daughters. The sons were called: 
  • ABD AL-MUTTALIB (SHAYBA), Asad, and Abu Saifi, and the daughters Ash-Shifa, Khalida, Da‘ifa, Ruqyah and Jannah. The Prophet’s (saas) grandfather, Abd al-Muttalib, had ten sons and six daughters. Since these were not all born of the same mother, we are listing them by their mothers:  

ABDULLAH, Abu Talib, Zubair, Umm Hakim Baydha, Atikah, Arwa and Barra. Their mother was Fatima. Abbas and Dharar. The mother of these two sons was Nutayla. The mother of the sons Hamza, Muqawwim, and Hadhi and of the daughter Safiyya was Hala. The mother of the son called Kharis was Samra. Abu Lahab’s (Abd-l Uzza) mother was Lubni. 

Hazrat Amina's mother was Barra. Her father was Wahb, his father was Abd Manaf, and his father was Zuhrah. The paternal line of Hazrat Abdullah has already been shown above. His mother was Fatima, her mother was Sahra, and their mother was Tahmur. Both lines come together in KILAB.

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