Hazrat Mahdi (as) will know people very well through Allah's inspiration; his decisions will require no witnesses

Imam Mahdi (as) will rule IN LINE WITH DIVINE KNOWLEDGE. He will know people BY THEIR OWN TRUTHS AND THEIR OWN INNER STATES. Like the rulings of the Prophet David (as) and the Prophet Solomon (as), HIS DECISIONS WILL REQUIRE NO WITNESSES. (Sheikh al-Saduq’s (ra) Al-Amaali, Session 92, p. 504; Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 18, p. 341; Vol. 52, p. 325 related from Kamal al-Din & p. 339 and 389; Mikyaal al-Makaarem, Vol. 1, pp. 6, 83-84 and 145)

In the hadith it is noted that Allah will inspire accurate decisions in Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) heart. Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) pronouncements will therefore be entirely just, exactly like those of the Prophets David (as) and Solomon (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be inspired with knowledge of people’s characters and true natures, and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have no need for any evidence or witnesses when issuing rulings about people. The hadith indicates that Allah will cause Hazrat Mahdi (as) to know the true nature of events. 


2009-04-19 13:26:15

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