Love and happiness stem from faith

The wound of the age: unhappiness
One of the emotions a person can feel most deeply and intensely is without doubt love. People who love and fear Allah very much will see His manifestations in all things and will take great pleasure from all the blessings, physical or spiritual, that Allah creates.   The source of the love that people feel in their hearts is again their joyous adoration of Allah.

Forms of love that are not based on love of Allah, however, are based on self-interest instead. Such kind of love has absolutely nothing to do with the true love that stems from love of Allah. In the forms of love that are based on self-interest, people deceive themselves and others under the name of love, as a result of which they lead troubled, lonely and unhappy lives. The inhabitants of a world based on self-interest are well aware of this. People who inhabit such a world are perfectly well aware that people they imagine to be their friends will inevitably abandon them one day and will turn their backs on them in times of trouble, such as when they fall ill for example or lose their material advantages. For that reason they can never be truly happy and at peace and never feel that they are truly loved. That is why they constantly doubt the affections of other people.

As relations between people weaken, unhappiness also rises
But there is no end to the human love that believers feel for Allah and His creations. Their love grows and deepens by the day, rather than declining. They never doubt the love of other believers, because they know that, like them, other believers love Allah very much and that their love for them stems from that love of Allah, and that it will never decrease, but always grow.

But in societies that do not live by love and fear of Allah, people suffer much from lovelessness and complain they can never find the love and happiness that they seek. One can see numerous reports and investigations about the unhappiness that stems from lack of love in the daily papers.
2009-06-03 18:02:17

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