Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 4 June 2012


A9 TV, 4 June 2012

(Regarding Darwinist/Communist young evolutionists)

They have consigned logic and science to the top shelf. They look very superficially. I guess belief in the hereafter must have frightened them a bit. Yet you will live really well in the hereafter; there is paradise. Religion is not at all like the bigots describe. They run across bigots and look at them, and so in their eyes religion is something impossible to live by. “What shall we do? Let us hide behind Darwinism,” they say. But ceasing to exist is a terrible thing. Claiming the world is in a state of chaos is a terrible thing, saying there is no meaning to life is terrible. It is terrible to regard human beings as animals. Nothing is of  any value any longer.

Just about every communist experiences religion because they get married. Marriage is rooted in religion. They all have children. They are very careful with their children. They have the concept of honor. Altruism, and this and that. They learn a lot from religion. Otherwise they would be very selfish and savage. There would be no such thing as marriage. They aim for a communal society. But if there were a communal society, there would be no more mothers or aunts or anything. Everyone would be everything to everyone else. May Allah  forbid. That is communality. There is no religion or faith, no honor and no family.

Communism is opposed to the family, it does not recognize the family. What was communal society like, what were animals like? They say that every animal has relations with every other animal. Therefore, a child can have relations with his mother, or a daughter with her father, they say. That is a communist society. But that is now an insult for a communist, so you believe in religion, you live by religion. It is thanks to religion that you can be disciplined. Like it or not, all the things you point to, and all your language stems from the religion that puts them in your subconscious. They even say, “Insha’Allah, masha’Allah, may Allah forbid.” They cannot imagine a totally irreligious society.

About verse 82 of Surat al-Anbiya’:

Speaking of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), He says, And some of the devils dived for him and did other things apart from that. And We were watching over them.

Who served him? Devils. Whom did they serve? The Prophet Solomon (pbuh). What did they do? They dived for pearls and coral, they brought him adornments and made clothes. He used them for everything. Did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) say, “These are disbelievers and perverts, these are immoral, I will not use what they offer”? What did he do? He used them. Allah placed that at his disposal for him to use. Some imbecilic bigots are reluctant to use things made by the unbelievers. But that is the height of stupidity. Look, in this verse Allah even places demons at Muslims’ disposal.

Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Hodja speaks about verse 92 of Surat al-Anbiya’:

“And We placed them (the devils) (those who dived) at the command of Solomon (pbuh), so even those entities that insist on doing evil had to obey the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) commands, so they dived into the sea and brought up the most delightful and valuable things, they brought out gems, and as well as those that dived into the sea and bright up useful things, We have also placed demons who do various other things and build cities and produce wondrous arts at the command of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh).” They make cities and labor, they make wondrous arts and clothing and decorations and everything. “When Almighty Allah desires, He brings about such marvels and places the unbelievers at the command of believers.” Even materials made by demons can be used as spoils by Muslims. As blessings. Our Prophet (saas) fought against disbelief and obtained booty as a result of that struggle. Muslims acquired camels, horses, lambs and livestock of all kinds as spoils.

About verse 41 of Surat al-Anfal:

Almighty Allah says:Know that when you take any booty a fifth of it belongs to Allah, and to the Messenger, and to close relatives, orphans, the very poor and travellers,...Who receives a fifth? Our Prophet (saas). Muslims do not say, “This belongs to the disbelivers.” They used it. Look, goods such as swords, shields and clothing acquired after the fighting are handed out to Muslims. This is called “seleb” in Arabic. Idiot bigots try and make this unlawful for Muslims.

“At the capture of Haybar, our Prophet (saas) gives 40 loads, approximately five tons, of dates to each of five close relatives, including his own daughter, Fadima.” People talk about “disbeliever dates.”

“He also gives 100 loads, approximately 13 tons, each to his wives Hazrat Ayesha, Hazrat Hafsa, Hazrat Ummu Habiba, Juwayriya, Zaynap Bint Khuzayma, Safiyya and Maymuna.” Thirteen tons each. That is unacceptable to the bigots. They even say, “He was poor and wretched.” They commit all kinds of immorality in order to belittle our Prophet (saas) and the Companions. They imagine the Companions were devoid of conscience and selfish, may Allah forbid, and took no interest in Rasulullah (saas) and thought only of themselves, so that the Prophet (saas) tied stones to his stomach out of hunger, but that did not concern them while they lived in wealth and plenty. Hazrat Abu Bakr (pbuh) was the wealthiest, Hazrat Othman (pbuh) was rich, as was Hazrat Umar (pbuh) and all of them. The Prophet (saas) was very weak in terms of weapons and armor, defensive weaponry, but instead of giving the armor he used to defend himself to Muslims, to a Muslim to protect himself, he went and gave it to a Jew. He did not say, do not die, but Muslims can die if they have to, so give me money. Yet he was still poor and in debt. He had debts he could not pay. People who send out such messages filled with strife and nonsensical statements are striving in this way are striving with all their might to corrupt Islam from the inside. My apologies to those who act in this way out of ignorance. Rasulullah (saas) was fabulously wealthy. All the date groves in Falaq were his. One fifth of the region became his. He captured boundless lands.

Women adored our Prophet (saas) in his day. Our Prophet (saas) was also highly intelligent. He had a sweet, child-like face, and black eyes. From birth it was as if there was kohl on his eyes. He also used kohl,  but his eyelashes were thick and long. The upper and lower lashes were long. He had large, black eyes and a thin nose with a slightly raised tip. His skin was like porcelain right up to his death. He had thick, black hair, generally long. He would sometimes cut his hair at pilgrimage time, but his quickly grew again. His shoulders were like those of a wrestler. Our Prophet (saas) was a wrestler, as you know.

Concubines were like spouses in those days because the woman belonged to him then. What is the reason for nuptials? For the woman to belong to him. That is the main point of nuptial ceremonies. The woman is not together with anyone else. That is the wisdom behind the ceremony. The woman tells Rasulullah, “By Allah’s leave, I am yours.” Our Prophet (saas) says he accepts her, and that is that. Everyone hears it. That was a kind of nuptial ceremony at that time.

There were two kinds of concubine. There were free concubines and unfree ones. They were all in the same position with our Prophet (saas). They went where they wanted and dressed very finely. When a woman was his concubine, she was lawfully his. A concubine could not be with anyone else. She belonged to him alone. In those days, it was like being married; but they had no right to inherit, that is all.

Faith makes people beautiful. Our Prophet (saas) says that people’s beauty will disappear in the End Times. He says this will happen across the world.  And people’s beauty really has vanished. I look at American ladies, and their beauty has gone. I look at the Italians and the French. They used to be really lovely, but their beauty has gone. This has happened as a disaster, a secret disaster. Our Prophet (saas) says there will be a change in people’s appearance before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). He says their features and faces will be coarsened. And people’s faces have been coarsened. People’s features have gone wrong.

Those who say that Darwinism is unimportant are making a mistake. The system that oppresses Muslims in the world is that of administrators who have received a Darwinist, materialist education. That is the root of the suffering in the world. I say that Darwinism is a threat in the entire state structure.

(Regarding Iran also signing up to the panel on the Teaching of Evolution Declaration by the Turkish Academy of Sciences)

Look, do you see? This is important for seeing how communist and Marxist thinking dominate in Iran. The reference here is to Allah’s creation. They condemn that. Iran has signed up to it. Iran is officially saying, “You are right.” Look, “Morocco, the Philippines, France, The Islamic Republic of Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Mongolia, Uzbekistan,  Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uganda and all the countries of the world.” They have all signed up to this, officially. They are saying, “People speak of the existence of Allah in countries, and this is a grave danger.” “We must oppose this.” Turkey has also signed up to it. In other words, they are saying, “Do not allow people to say that Allah Created.”

They have signed up to the teaching of Darwinism and materialism in science classes. One must be very careful about this. Yet some people say, “Is there any such thing as Darwinism?” What is that?

From Tirmidhi’s book of reliable hadiths. In the Musnad of Ibn Hanbal, our Prophet (saas) says; “Last night I dreamed of my Lord in the form of a young man. He was sitting on a chair made of gold. There was a gold crown on his head and gold slippers on his feet.”

Ibn Hanbal 5/243 “Allah spoke to me and shook my hand. He placed His hand between my shoulders.” A manifestation of Allah, not His person.  “So that I felt the coldness of his fingers in my chest.” The bigots say that is impossible. But it is a trustworthy hadith of our Prophet’s (saas).

Surat al-Qiyamah, 22-23

Faces that Day will be radiant,

gazing at their Lord.

He says you will see Allah, a manifestation of Allah. They (the unbelievers) will be deprived of seeing the beauty of their Lord.” What is that? “His face,” a manifestation, insha’Allah.  Imam Rabbani says; “May Almighty Allah bestow reason and mercy. May those who say that Almighty Allah is invisible in paradise not be granted this point that is clearly revealed in the Holy Qur’an. May they not deny the reliable hadiths. We must believe that is revealed so explicitly.” But the bigots deny this.

“How can those who are deprived of the honor of seeing Almighty Allah in paradise be granted that joy? (Those who deny it will be deprived of it), it is said.”

Imam Rabbani says this in his commentary on verse 103 of Surat al-An’am: “Believers will see Almighty Allah in the hereafter and in Paradise.” (3/44 and 90) 

The great imam says: “Almighty Allah will be seen in the hereafter.” (Great religious law)” The imam is the founder of the Hanafi school. He is a scholar of religious law and the hadiths. Almighty Allah manifests Himself.

(They [the disbelievers] will be deprived of seeing their Lord [with His attribute of beauty] on that day.) [Mutaffifin 15]

“Great scholars and founders of schools such as Imam Sha’afi an Imam Maliq are proof of this, that believers will see the beauty of Almighty Allah.” What is His beauty? His face.  “Because were that not so, it would not be said that the disbelievers will not see it. We are not told that nobody will see it, only the disbelievers.” 

“When the Holy Qur’an says this (that the blind in this world will be blind in the hereafter),” a spiritual blindness, in other words, “it applies to the disbelievers. Believers will see Almighty Allah in the hereafter.” (Beriqa) As a manifestation.

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