Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 8 June 2012


A9 TV, 8 June 2012

(According to the latest research into the U.S. Army, “...the levels of sexual assaults, domestic violence, alcohol dependence and suicide have risen considerably among members of the Army. It has been determined that on average, one soldier a day commits suicide. The American Army has suffered worse losses in this way than it has in Afghanistan.”)

That is a shame, isn’t it? With their belief in the Trinity and everything. Fine young men. They look and see that belief in the Trinity is completely illogical. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is obviously not Allah. How can a human being be Allah? He eats and has physical needs. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) sleeps. The Gospel speaks of his being woken out of sleep. But people say he is Allah. Does Allah need to sleep? May Allah forbid! If you impose this belief on people, then of course you will make them ill.

What must a Muslim do? If he has one eye, he must give thanks. If he has lost both eyes, he can still breathe and eat and use his hands. He must give thanks for that. If he has lost one of his arms, he still has the other one, and must give thanks for that. If he has lost both his arms, he still has both his legs. He must give thanks for that. He must know how to give thanks for what he has.And it is no bad thing for sickness and troubles and problems to come. If he still continues to a believer despite them, then he has been purified, insha’Allah. For example, if he prays with one arm, he will earn 500 times the merit that we do, insha’Allah.

The Illuminati are a secret state within a state. But Allah also rules every secret society including the Illuminati. It is impossible to hold a meeting at which Hazrat Hidhir is not present. From what I have seen, the Illuminati have offered the world to the dajjal. They have organized the dajjal. The dajjal needs a community, a community of followers. There are about 300 of them, as there are with the Mahdi. They also appear with 313 people.

It is true that “They want to build a world based on a single state and a single religion.” That will be built. As a single religion and single society. But who will do it? The Mahdi. What is the one faith? Islam. And there will be one Ummah in the world. The Mahdi will do what the Illuminati are aiming to do, but they act in the negative sense, and the Mahdi in the positive sense. Let me say this: All the Illuminati follow the Mahdi. They are the Mahdi’s followers now. They have abandoned the way of the dajjal. They cannot do it. Hazrat Hidhir is among them. And they have joined the Mahdi. After this, they will serve the system of the Mahdi. 


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