Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 10 June 2012


A9 TV, 10 June 2012

I met with Madonna yesterday, for about an hour. I gave Madonna a gift of an Ottoman serving tray. In her name. I gave her two gold-plated cups. And I also gave her a fine silk carpet. We talked. I saw that Madonna is a fine person. She liked the carpet very much. She expressed her respect, may Allah be pleased. Insha’Allah. Madonna saw for herself, in my person, that Islam is not as the bigots represent it. I could tell from the affection in her eyes. From her warmth. And I think it will be much better. In this way, we have eliminated the image of Muslims as bigots that she and many other people had. There were no security precautions in place when I arrived. There was complete love and trust and security. Her behavior was very sincere. She is a warm and modest person. But of course they (the bigots) have misrepresented Islam to her, from what I saw. But there is a huge difference between bigotry and Islam. Bigotry is the system of the dajjal, and Islam is the system of the Mahdi but the bigots  confuse the ways of the dajjal and the Mahdi. They imagine the dajjal is the Mahdi and the Mahdi is the dajjal. We have put that right, insha’Allah.

(Regarding the copy of the Torah that Jewish guests brought as a gift)

My Jewish guests brought me a copy of the Torah. From Israel, it is 150 years old. It is written on parchment, antelope skin from what I can tell. The Torah is praised by Allah in the Qur’an. All the true parts of it are still valid. I produced a book regarding all the true part of the Torah. I gave Madonna a copy of that book when she came. I gave her many of my books. She was really delighted. Masha’Allah.

(About Madonna)

She has just started to learn about Islam and the Qur’an. She is a positive person. Everyone has his or her good sides. Artists in particular have a far greater predisposition to Islam. But if you approach them with a bigoted mindset, then that is of course harmful. But if you approach them with a sincere and Muslim heart, with a rational perspective, casting all the ugliness of bigotry aside, if you will bring out the radiance of Islam, then Allah will create glorious outcomes.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “What does Madonna say about  Kabbala?”)

It is true. She is a practitioner of  Kabbala. There is nothing surprising in that. It has been around for a long time. The important thing is, are these people open to Islam and the Qur’an? Are they open to the truth. That is important. Their leader is Yehuda Berg. He was also my guest. We met here. He is also a very modest, someone capable of understanding. He is full of love for Islam. He believes that the Mahdi, who will appear from among Muslims, will rule the entire world. This is also a belief in the Kabbala. He says that 2012 is a key year, that Istanbul is a holy city, and that it is a vital center in terms of the Kabbala. It was Yehuda Berg who arranged my meeting with Madonna. But from what I have seen, he is a very positive person, very positive-looking, who wants the best for people and is striving to bring about the global reign of Islam because he wants the system of the Mahdi. The King Messiah in the Torah is the Mahdi (pbuh). He now says in his own writings that that the Messiah they are awaiting is the same as the Mahdi awaited by us. They now write about him directly as the Mahdi.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Let us say that Madonna has become a Muslim. Will all her fans become Muslims?”)

Of course she will become a Muslim. You will see that many famous people have become Muslims.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Why did you give expensive presents to Madonna? Is it worth it?”)

Of course it is worth it. Because you will see that this person will serve Islam like Belkis, the queen of Sheba. Those gifts will always remind her of Islam because they are works with the signatures of Ottoman emperors, reminding her of the Ottoman Empire and Islam and are totally Ottoman in production. A hand-beaten tray of a double layer of copper. A perfect work, a completely Ottoman work, plated in gold. There is also a reference to the End Times in the carpet. I have described one part, but not the other. There was also a small jug made from a double layer of copper. I gave her that, too. Her name was written on them all. They were inscribed with historical detail. I gave them to her like that. The pitcher also symbolizes Aquarius. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) says, “When you see a man carrying a pitcher in his hand, follow him.” The Mahdi (pbuh) in other words.  Since I knew how much they admire the Mahdi, since we regard them as followers of the Mahdi, I gave her this jug representing the way of the Mahdi . So that is important. “Art, skill and alliance.” She is also a famous artist. Allah will make her His instrument for Islam and the global reign of Islam, insha’Allah.


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