A call for the Islamic union from Mr. Necmettin Erbakan

What He Said?What Happened?


Hilal TV, 24 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: When I saw these things I once again saw the importance of unity, of togetherness.  But it is also clear that this must be in the form of the Turkish-Islamic Union and must be carried out at once.
Allah tells Muslims to be united. This is obligatory. He says we must not be divided. And if this is done, if Muslims are divided, then this is a sin. But the precautions being taken for Gaza and Palestine are passive and will greatly strengthen and honor the other side.  They ask if they have no pity. Why should they? Theirs is a system built on pitilessness. We will boycott your goods. We will send your ambassadors home. They don’t care in the slightest. The only answer in such cases is force. Do you think they are unaware of this when they do it? Bringing children out hand having them read poems aloud and showing images of children murdered in their cradles just means engaging in propaganda on their behalf. Because they want people to stress these things and show their violence, thirst for blood and strength. So they are just honoring the other side. They are just increasing the other side’s success. They are increasing the other side’s prestige. They are making propaganda about how they manage to shed so much blood with such limited forces, how they have intimidated Muslims and how they, at least in their own eyes, have brought them to their knees. Then some Muslims come out and say they have been brought to their knees and ruined. Some even say they wish they could go there as a doctor. Let’s send lots of medicines. Lets us send bandages and dressings. What kind of measure is that? Why do you not say we should be united and unified? Would there still be any need for bandages after that? Will there be any need for drugs and doctors? Can these measures do any good? It is perfectly obvious what needs to be done. Muslims must love and not make life difficult for one another, must regard sectarian differences as a blessing and treat one another with love and affection. And the borders must be opened up at once, just like with the European Union. The European Union is unified and united and they regard this as quite normal. But we all have one religion and one language and one everything, so why are we not united? People ask if they will permit it. Why are you alive at all if you are so coward? What meaning can life have for you? If you are too cowardly even to propose union, if you are as terrified and wretched as that, then there is no meaning to your being alive at all. That means you are ready for people to trample on your honor and good name. THERE IS ONE CLEAR AND OBVIOUS SOLUTION. THAT IS TO GATHER AROUND ONE SPIRITUAL LEADER AND ESTABLISH THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION. But this is also destiny, of course, I mean it will take time for this to happen. Since we are now in the End Times these things are already things that have been determined in destiny. But that is what I expect from Muslims. From my brothers. They hold up huge placards saying ‘Israel Is a Tyrant.” But they say that is just what they are, I mean they do not deny it. Why don’t you say that the Turkish-Islamic Union must be set up, instead? Why don’t you use the money you spent on placards and ink on that instead? They shout about “Cruel Israel.” But Israel has a very large Muslim population. Why condemn it? There are also many devout Christians and Jews in it.  The problem is the Freemasons and atheist Zionists there. The power that is oppressing the people there. The general public are innocent and wronged themselves. When something happens, people start saying “Down with America.” Why? The problem is the despotic people in charge of running the country. It is the Masons and atheist Zionists there. We need to distinguish between the atheist Zionists and the devout Jews in Israel.

Ekin TV, 2 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: ... The Palestinian problem cannot be resolved with meetings, speeches, condemnations, protests and anger.
Because there is a huge global organization that supports Israel’s atheist Zionists. This has gripped the world in its tentacles like an octopus, and is a pervasive and very strong force, while Muslims are divided and fragmented. For one thing, if they have their Masonic rituals, we have the Qur’an. Allah sent the Qur’an to us. They have been sent Masonic rituals from satan’s knowledge. Satan has inspired, convinced and made them promises. Allah revealed the Qur’an to our Prophet (saas), and we have been revealed the Qur’an. If we coalesce around the Qur’an, if we gather around the unificatory power of the Qur’an, then the solution will appear, otherwise it seems clear that this whole scourge will just go on...

Hürriyet, 20 April 2009


[Former Turkish Prime Minister] Erbakan also described the latest developments in the world at his meeting with Ahdmadinajad.  

According to National View sources, Erbakan also criticized Muslim inactivity in the face of all these plans and said: “But what are you Muslims doing in the face of all this? You meet at the Organization of the Islamic Conference and publish ‘permanent resolutions.’ We say that America must leave Iraq at once. But they watch these permanent resolutions on the TV as they drink their coffee and they just laugh at us. PERMANENT RESOLUTIONS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. THE ONLY SALVATION FOR MANKIND IS THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN ISLAMIC UNION.”

Iranian President promised to work to strengthen the D-8. Ahmadinajad told Erbakan, “We are together on that path.”

Milli Gazete, 24 April 2009


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