IMF: The crisis will hit the world hard

What He Said?What Happened?

Başkent TV, January 13-2009

Adnan Oktar: An artificial wealth grew up in China, and that artificial wealth went and is going in this economic crisis... That will happen in America, too, and in Britain. Like the staff of the Prophet Musa that turned into a snake and swallowed everything else up, this economic crisis will swallow up all elements of capitalism, everything, and destroy them. No power can withstand it.

Çay TV, March 4-2009

Adnan Oktar: I said right from the outset, when the economic crisis began, that it will last for seven years,
and I said that its severity would increase, that there would be severe shortages in the world, and that precautionary measures needed to be taken right then, and preparations made. I said that the only solution was the Turkish-Islamic Union. I openly stated that the world would be devastated otherwise, that there would be a scarcity the like of which had never been seen before. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the only solution. This state of affairs will be reversed with its abundance, beauty and security... Allah created this economic crisis, and they are totally unable to stop it. They underestimated it at first, with many people issuing statements saying, ‘It is unimportant, a passing thing.’ But I kept saying ‘It will last for seven years.’ ‘No,” they said, ‘It will be over in a few months.’ I said, ‘No, it will last for seven years.’ And things have worked out and are working out just as I said. 

Yeni Şafak, April 25- 2009

Thirty-two of the world’s 50 largest economies have been affected by the crisis. The national revenues of Britain and Germany, among the countries with the largest economies, will decline by between $40 billion and $667 billion.

According to data amassed from the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) figures, Turkish GDP of $729.44 billion in 2008 will contract by $177.26 billion in 2009, falling to $552.18 billion. But it will retain its world ranking at number 17. The national revenues of the USA, the world’s largest economy, will contract by $261.9 billion to $14.27 trillion.

2009-06-24 21:14:06

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